Brief History of Adah Chapter 637

In the midst of the calm after the storm emerged Adah Chapter #637 which was founded on October 8, 1987 by Sister Barbara Williams. Sister Barbara Williams’ drive and vision to make a more profound impact was called to action when she decided to create a chapter of her own to aid in the growth of Modern Free and Accepted Masons of the World, Inc.

Back in 1986, the Grand Master, a minister, of Progressive Grand Lodge and Elizabeth Grand Chapter of Illinois, MF&AM was removed from office for imposing too strict of restrictions on the states functions. Once removed, the state folded and was later revived as King Solomon Grand Lodge and Bathsheba Grand Chapter.

Sis. Williams, a member of Esther Chapter #336 under Progressive Grand Lodge and Elizabeth Grand Chapter was inspired to grow the state by establishing a new chapter under the new Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter of Illinois, MF&AM. With the aid and guidance of a knowledgeable brother, Bro. Joe Sneed, Sis. Barbara Williams began her journey.

Sis. Williams and Bro. Sneed met with Anna Beard, Denise Edmonds, Barbara Foster, Gwen Williams, Jacquelyn Williams, and Roslyn Williams to discuss the beginnings of a new chapter and were officially deemed the charter members of Adah Chapter #637. Sister Barbara Williams served as Adah’s first Worthy Matron along with Bro. Joe Sneed as her Worthy Patron.

Adah Chapter became one of the first chapters under the new Illinois administration along with Ruth Chapter #638, Martha Chapter #639 and the previously existing Esther Chapter #336. There were a number of chapters that formed from the membership of Adah, such as Sis. Maxine Walker with Morning Star Chapter #635 – Sis. Jackie Burton, Sis. Stephanie Jones, Sis. Rachael Laird and Bro. Anthony West with Naomi Chapter #168 – Sis. Vennie Talbert, Sis. Sheila Cooper, Sis. Cheryl Harris and Bro. Willie Reeves with Electa Chapter #588 – and again Sis. Sheila Cooper with Amani Chapter #561 – and Bro. Anthony West, once an Adah Associate Patron with Widow’s Sons Lodge #1295. Adah Chapter also graciously aided in the regrouping efforts of Esther Chapter #336.

Adah Chapter has had the support of many lodges acting as “brother” lodges to the chapter. Most often associated with the lodge of which most of the chapter’s patrons belong to, Adah created great alliances with lodges throughout the state. In the beginning, Adah received tremendous support from Chicago Lodge #826 and Masters Lodge #242. Around 2000, Adah established a bond with Hiram Lodge #1228. With both groups having similar goals, interests and personalities, they began to work collectively on various events, socials and charities. It is the strength and common interests of both groups that link the two together.

Adah Chapter #637 received its Warranted Charter the 18th day of March 1989. Since its inception, the combined efforts of our membership have cultivated four Grand Matrons from its ranks, two of which were prior members of the chapter, serving consecutive terms since 1994. Adah has a long and honorable history of achievements and service to its community in which we aim to serve. Adah is the breeding ground for cultivating many of Bathsheba Grand Chapters prominent leaders.

Our ranks have enjoyed, in addition to Sister Williams - Vidar McClinton – Maxine Walker - Rachael Laird – Marfield Dodd – Serena Davis – DeBey Rainey – Jennifer Ginn – Crysta Lyon-Halbert – LaTanya Burke -  Karen King and many more prominent leaders to come. Together, the leadership and its members have made Adah Chapter a well known “icon” to Modern Free and have won many prestigious awards multiple times including Chapter of the Year, Worthy Matron of the Year, Star of the Year, the Grand Matron’s Award, and Secretary of the Year.

We are well known for our charitable functions in working with children and battered women. Some of our pet charity projects include Ident-a-kid, Y-Me Breast Cancer Walkathon and spending time with homeless/battered women at Paulina’s House, Paul Hall, Catholic Charities and Deborah’s Place.

Adah members strongly resolve around the core of our existence - sisterhood. This deep and abiding bond based on love and respect for one another has sustained the chapter, allowing her to withstand the test of time; even through rebuilding and restructuring phases. Bound by God, sisterhood, knowledge and the pursuit to leave the world better than the way we found it, the women of Adah Chapter #637, continue to set standards and adorn the state of Illinois and Modern Free and Accepted Masons of the World, Inc.